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Desert Tortoise Adoption Application

The desert tortoise is a reptile needing an outdoor habitat with a few basic requirements. Please take time to read about tortoise requirements and tortoise care to learn if a tortoise is the right pet for you. Before sending in your application, please verify the following with a check mark:

Fields marked in red are required.

I understand the basic tortoise habitat requirements.
* Watched the video "So You Want to Adopt a Tortoise?!".
* Read the booklet Desert Tortoises: Adoption and Care, especially pages 4-9.
* Viewed the PowerPoint Creating a Tortoise Habitat to see examples of tortoise habitats.
* Looked over and understand the Habitat Checklist.

In my back yard
* The area for the tortoise is at least 1000 square feet with no tortoise hazards like an unfenced pool or pond (or I am willing to fence off hazards).
* I am willing to put in a 1) water pavilion, 2) growing plants, and 3) a gate barrier.

* Select a burrow type:
I have (or can create) a completely dry area that is at least 15' x 15' for an underground burrow that I am willing to dig.
I want to build an aboveground burrow in a large, dry area.

Contact Information (Must be 18 years old).
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Address (include apt #):
* City:
* State:
Zip Code:
Of home and mobile phone only one is required; not both.
* Home Phone:
* Mobile Phone:
* Email Address:
* Retype email Address:

* Best time for our appointment: Morning Afternoon
* Approximate Time:
* Day of week:
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

What's next?

  1. Our Adoption Coordinator will contact you to arrange a visit from an Adoption Committee representative who will advise you on placement and construction of a burrow, water pavilion, plantings, and a gate barrier. At that visit, have present all people involved in decision making and construction. Please do not make any changes before we come.
  2. Our representative will work with you step by step to prepare the habitat.
  3. When the habitat is ready, we will bring you an adult male tortoise. An adoption fee of $75 is due at that time.